PC Agent License Key + Crack Free Download

PC Agent License Key + Crack Free Download

PC Agent

PC Agent crack receives the activities being recorded the monitoring procedure of Computer Agent. Only one environment is required within the setup for the monitoring. The records would be given to likely the PC Agent Server as soon as the host is reachable. Moreover, the system that is scheduled archive and open the record files with the extension *.pca.

PC Agent license key Within the event your pc is utilized by multiple individuals or by kids, you should know the operations they perform, for protection reasons. Keyloggers are applications that may provide a hand that is assisting this matter, supplying a method to record a task that is individually working in concealed mode.

PC Agent free download Computer Agent is amongst the tools that are numerous is such logs actions being performed, without getting caught. The monitoring solution is installed on the target system, having a customized name and description, so as maybe never to betray its presence in Task Manager or other applications. To limit the consumer access, its setup window is password-protected.

PC Agent Computer Agent merely is one of many tools which are numerous such logs actions being finished, without getting caught. The monitoring service could be installed on the target system, with a custom title and description, in order maybe not to betray its presence in Task Manager or other applications. To restrict the consumer access, its configuration window is password-protected.


PC Agent Agent Agent Agent

Key Features of PC Agent;

Protection against unauthorized use

The control center can be protected with a password against illegal use. This password is required to start the control-center on the computer that is monitored. This function is just available having a license key that is legitimate.

Filter documents

Many requirements filter the records. The filtering is exceptionally rapidly to utilize. It’s usually only one click necessary.

Automatic uninstall

Uninstalls the monitoring as soon as the tracking starts on or after the date that is specified.

Delete records immediately

The records can be deleted immediately. That is useful to avoid work that is additional remove the files manually.

Invisible within the act list

Hides the monitoring process into the Windows Task Manager or other process lists. You shall also find no entries within the start menu or the array of installed programs.

Selective user monitoring

Excludes users from the control or monitors just users who are satisfied.

Forward recorded messages that are e-mail

Recorded emails are forwarded to another e-mail address.

Sending records

PC Agent is specially built to carry the papers in an exact number of methods are different.

  • Storing records in a directory on the computer
  • Storing documents inside an FTP account
  • Sending files to your computer Agent Server
  • Storing records in a community share
  • Sending records to a contact target

Whats New PC Agent

User monitoring

Record user login/logoff

Records the login and logout of users with extra information. Being an example, date of the last login, login time, number of logins, session, remote host, etc.

Record clipboard

Records the text and file names which will be copied to your clipboard by the person. This often happens by the utilization of the context menus» that is«Copy «Paste» or using the shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Record file operations

Documents the actual names of files or files that will be opened, deleted, renamed, moved or copied by the user.

Record screenshots

Captures screenshots of the windows that may be moved into the foreground and then within the interval that is specified. The motion detection, as well as values that are adjustable any quality and size, can lessen how big is the records.

Record keystrokes

Records all keystrokes, shortcuts, hotkeys, and keystrokes in password input fields. The applying of the Input Method Editor (IME) for typing East Asian characters are also recorded.

Record mouse ticks

Documents click with mouse or touchpad with the name that’s true of control and text under the cursor. As an instance, labels of buttons, text input fields, etc.

Device monitoring

Record scanner

Documents the images which are going to be read from an image input device by utilizing the TWAIN or WIA user interface. For example, methods like scanners or webcams.

Record microphone

Records the noises by way of a receiver that is connected. The sound detection and value that is adjustable the quality reduce the size linked to the records.

Record data medium modification

Documents added or removed storage space media with additional information. For instance, CD, DVD, memory cards, USB flash drives or community drives with more details, for example, turn letter, device name, product type, serial quantity and file system.

Record webcam

Captures images from a cam in an interval that is adjustable. The movement detection as well as values which are adjustable the product quality and size can reduce how big is the records.

Record power state

Records the energy state, for example, standby and mode that is the battery that is hibernating on laptops.

Record dial-up connections

Records dial-up connections with extra information. As an example, unit name, unit sort, phone number, username and password along with connection time.

Record printer

Documents the printing jobs which will be sent to your print that is a community in EMF structure. Records the material that is complete just as it ended up being sent to your printer.

Record GPS position

Records the GPS spot inside an interval that is adjustable a GPS receiver that supports the NMEA 0183 standard.

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